Matthew Hars

Matthew Hars is an international published High Fashion and Celebrity photographer. He specializes in the music industry but has shot everyone from Kid Rock to Playboy playmate Jenna Bently. He got his start freelancing as a model during his childhood working on large campaigns in the US and Asia. He later got a job as photojournalist working for Gannett the company that brings you USA Today and US Weekend for over four years freelance. Matthews clients range from Major record labels and music groups, to fashion brands and celebrities. Matthew has been taught by his cousin, National Geographic's Kevin Karlson,one of the top photographers in the world. Matthew follows his footsteps ranking in Top 40 of male photographers in the world according to germany's next male model tv program. Matthew has worked with countless celebrities including Kid Rock, Flava Flav, Ice-T, and many others. He has also worked with Ford, Wilhelmina, B1, JDMA, and numerous fashion blogs and publications. 

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email: matthew@matthewhars.com


Featured in Germany's Next Male Model TV Show Top 50 Most Creative Photographers in World 


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