Lace, Leather, and Lenovich

From Moscow with love....Katya Leonovich brought new meaning to leather and lace with bright colors and body contouring silhouettes. Her patterns were inspired from a group of her own paintings which explains the amazing eccentric designs. Alot of what she put together shows elements taught by Saga Furs where she previously studied. Her clothes exhibit alot of the same thought in regards to color, silhouettes, and different schools of fashion. I studied with Saga Furs when I worked at Birger Christensen in High School and College. Her work exhibits what they like which is originality and viability. My favorite characteristics are how lacy and sensual some of the garments were, the luminosity is spectacular, and the pieces show just enough skin.  Bravo comrade! (p.s. listen to the video to hear the fabulous Rosemary Ponzo